Loose lay vinyl flooring manufacturer
Loose lay vinyl flooring manufacturer
Loose lay vinyl flooring manufacturer
Loose lay vinyl flooring manufacturer

Regarding our producing LOOSE LAY vinyl flooring

Q: What is loose lay LVT.

A:  Loose Lay LVT is not new in a large variety of LVT. However, it is a very difficult product to make. And very few manufacturers can truly make a good one. There are some problem for it. Firstly, it is the problem of choosing the best anti-slip layer. Secondly, it is how to control the physical property like shrinkage and curving.

Q: Why BEAUTY flooring promise that their LOOSE LAY LVT is worthy trusting?

A:  BEAUTY FLOORING have already explored a formula according to our test. This chosen formula can be assured that the shrinking and curving is achieved the technical standards.

Secondly, BEAUTY FLOORING explore a best anti-slip back layer to make sure the effect of anti-slip is the great. Our factory have left a areas to test different anti-slip back layer loose lay vinyl flooring, and then choose the most suitable anti-slip back layer according to the real performance of anti-slip effect.

Q: What advantages of Loose lay.

A: The biggest advantages of Loose lay is to the improvement of efficiency for installation. The unique backing system of loose lay vinyl flooring makes installation fast and easy. The installation is Just lift one up and put one down. It does not require the use of glues, plasters and waiting times after installation. The expertise state that a time-saving up to 50% can be improved by this quick laying system. if anyone want to remove one of the installing piece, it can be operated easily.

Q: What areas are not recommended for loose lay vinyl flooring? 

A: Loose lay vinyl flooring is not suitable any environment, for example, if the subfloor is uneven, it is not suitable for installing the Loose lay vinyl flooring, as Nobody want to deal with patching and fixing it after installation. Into these areas, BEAUTY FLOORING recommends to choose SPC flooring or a rigid core products.

Regarding our manufacturer

Q: Why choosing BEAUTY FLOORING?


  • The longest UV and annealing line (over 100 meters) is made the physical property of producing vinyl flooring more stable.
  • Equipped with advanced facilities and auxiliary like YASUDA SLOTTING MACHINES and projectors to make the accuracy of click products (luxury vinyl click flooring, spc flooring, floating vinyl flooring) as perfected as possible.
  • Cooperated with top printed layer companies from TAIWAN to provide you the most suitable colours, at the same time, our designing team open and develop some unique colours to satisfy the needs of individuals.
  • Our sales teams will be online 24hours/7 days, if you ask a question or send a query, our sales teams will reply you at the shortest time.
  • Establishment of archives for all purchased raw materials like polyvinyl chloride to be assured that the quality of raw materials is kept the same, also, setting up a archives of the finished products you import to make sure that the products from each different order is the same.
  • Implementation of some specific strategies to make sure that you are not only a buyer but also a strategic partner.